Dental Anxiety? Try Sedation Dentistry

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Just the thought of visiting the dentist or undergoing a specific procedure can cause some patients to feel anxious. At Hammond Pond Dental Group, we do everything possible to ensure all visits are comfortable and stress-free. However, some patients still need a little extra help relaxing.

During every appointment, we discuss your treatment, address any concerns or fears you may have, talk through your procedure step-by-step and allow you to take breaks whenever needed. Most will do fine with just this option, as our skilled Chestnut Hill dental team excels at putting patients at ease. However, we offer sedation dentistry as an additional option for those who need a bit more help throughout their appointment.

Conscious Sedation Dentistry – What to Expect

For patients who are particularly fearful of dental treatment and for whom coping strategies are not enough, one of our dentists can prescribe an oral medication before your appointment. They will provide specific instructions on when to take the medication, oftentimes about one hour before your appointment. This will help you feel less tense and put you in a relaxed state, making your appointment an easy, stress-free experience.

Only moderate sedation is used, meaning you will remain awake. You will be responsive to stimuli, like verbal commands from your dentist to “open your mouth,” and to pain, meaning you may still need a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Additionally, all of your protective reflexes, like breathing and coughing, will remain functional. In some cases, you may need someone to bring you to and from your appointment, depending on the method and level of sedation chosen.

Sedation dentistry can help you relax before and during a dental appointment, and ensure a worry-free experience.

Call Today to Learn More About Sedation Dentistry

To learn more about sedation dentistry at Hammond Pond Dental Group, contact our office today or request an appointment online. Our skilled team looks forward to answering any questions and helping you choose the best option for managing your dental anxiety.

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