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Protecting the health and beauty of your smile for a lifetime is one of the over-arching goals from the expert team of multi-specialty dentists near you at Hammond Pond Dental Group. Not only do we provide a wide range of treatment options in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, but we also provide custom-made sports guards as a preventive measure for patients sharing our same goal of smile protection for a lifetime!

How Sports Guards Can Protect Your Smile

There’s a reason that you see professional athletes wearing mouth protection – sports guards work! They not only protect the wearer against impact-related events that could take them out of the game, but they help to protect against future dental work such as tooth replacement or cosmetic dentistry to repair tooth fractures and cracks.

Athletes seeking the best protection for their smiles don’t rely on over-the-counter sports guards that are meant for a one-size-fits-all mouth. They know that custom equipment provides the best protection in all aspects of their sport, so they rely on custom sports guards, like the ones provided by our dentists near you in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Our patients who’ve come to us for ultimate sports guard mouth protection tell us that what they’ve appreciated the most about their visits is the individualized care they’ve received. You can experience that same personalized service when you book an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool.

Sports Guards, Night Guards, Snore Guards, and More!

As a multi-specialty practice, our dental care team can provide dental appliances near you in addition to sports guards in Chestnut Hill, MA. For example, if you are experiencing the early signs of bruxism or TMJ, a nightguard from one of our dentists can easily and comfortably treat the condition. Likewise, if you’ve received complaints about your snoring and want to easily take control of the nuisance that it’s creating, our dentists can provide a snore guard dental appliance that can help you achieve your goal!

Call us now to learn more about any of these dental appliances, or use our convenient online booking tool to get started.

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