Porcelain Veneers - CHESTNUT HILL, MA

Resurface Your Smile

Porcelain Veneers Make Flaws Disappear

Chips, stains, gaps, uneven surfaces … They may not harm your dental health, but they can still ruin your smile and make you feel self-conscious. The multispecialty team here at Hammond Pond Dental Group, exceptionally skilled in cosmetic dentistry, has the solution. We make blemished smiles beautiful every day here at our Chestnut Hill, MA office with porcelain veneers. These are slender but strong coatings that we apply to the anterior surface of your flawed “smile zone” teeth to literally cover up those imperfections. No invasive surgery is required! With both the shine and the sturdiness of real tooth enamel, porcelain is the perfect material to permanently conceal those unsightly imperfections. If you’re tired of teeth that stand out for the wrong reasons, reach out to us for a consultation! We can quickly determine if porcelain veneers in Chestnut Hill, MA are the best solution for your smile.

What Might Make You a Candidate for Veneers


Small gaps between teeth


Chipped or cracked teeth


Stained or discolored teeth


Oddly shaped teeth


Teeth of uneven height


Visible wear

Two Visits Can Transform You

After your initial consultation is completed, we can permanently place your porcelain veneers in just two visits. During the first procedure appointment, we clean your teeth and remove any old surface restorations you might have. We then take an impression of the prepped teeth that will act as the foundation of your veneers, which will be custom fabricated for a comfortable fit and optimal esthetics before your follow-up appointment. During the next visit we permanently bond your veneers to your teeth using bonding resin and a curing light. Once your veneers are set and stable, we shape and polish them to look just like natural teeth. Our team has the highly experienced hands of doctors, but the eyes of artists, and they can transform your smile into a work of art that you’ll be eager to show off the moment you leave our office.

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  • Dr. Bishop discusses the differences between veneers and crowns - making the best decision for you!

What Veneers Give You

  • Bright, beautiful smile
  • Quick, visible results
  • Stain-resistant surface
  • Long-term solution
  • Strong, realistic-looking teeth

Give your smile a spectacular new look without surgery!