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Embarrassed of Excess Gums?

Crown Lengthening Corrects Gummy Smiles

What are the elements of a great smile? Healthy, brilliant teeth are certainly a major component. A great smile also requires gums that are not only healthy, but that are in proper proportion to the teeth. On one end of the spectrum you have gum recession, which creates an imbalance in favor of the teeth. At the other end is excessive gum tissue—what’s commonly referred to as a gummy smile—where your gums look too large and your teeth too short. If this appearance bothers you, we can rebalance your smile with a procedure called crown lengthening in Chestnut Hill, MA. The multispecialty team here at Hammond Pond Dental Group includes multiple periodontists, who are the gum experts of dentistry. By removing excess tissue from your mouth, they can replace your gummy smile with a beautifully balanced one.

Visible Results from Crown Lengthening

  • Same-day results
  • A newly balanced smile
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased self-consciousness
  • Less risk of tooth decay and disease
  • More room for dental crowns and braces, if needed
dr boustani performing crown lengthening procedure

Gums Restyled in a Single Visit

Reshaping gums is a cosmetic dentistry treatment our highly experienced staff does every day with exceptional expertise. During crown lengthening, they carefully remove just the minimum amount of gum tissue necessary from around the base of every affected tooth to achieve the desired proportions. While doing this, our team pays special attention to the shape of your gums to give your smile a natural, consistent, and attractive look. After the procedure is complete, more of the surface of your teeth will be visible. Though your teeth will appear longer (the reason they call it “crown lengthening”), they will actually remain the same size. Your tooth-to-gum ratio will be the only thing that’s changed—and for the better! And that’s not the only advantage to crown lengthening. Shorter gums make you less likely to develop gum disease and tooth decay, and make it easier for us to do deep cleanings, add crowns, and fit you for Invisalign® clear braces. All of these benefits can be yours after a single visit to our Chestnut Hill, MA office!

Don’t let gums dominate your smile! We have the solution you’re looking for.

crown lengthening smiling