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Are you preparing for a visit to the dentist? Regular, twice-yearly dental visits can help identify potential problems and help you get timely treatment. Hammond Pond Dental Group explains what happens during a complete oral exam from start to finish.

What Happens During an Oral Dental Exam?

Before the dentist takes a look inside your oral cavity, our friendly hygienist will record your medical history. It’s essential to inform your dentist about any medical conditions like diabetes, pregnancy, allergies, or chemotherapy treatment.

We understand that our patients need information about procedures, time duration, costs, and aftercare to relieve their anxieties. Our dentist in Chestnut Hill offers a range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments.

Examination of the Teeth

Our experienced dentist will use a small angled, handheld mirror, and a metal probe to examine your teeth and soft tissues for problem areas. The mirror helps them view the spaces behind and between the teeth and identify exposed dentin, worn enamel, and hidden cavities.

If the examination reveals no problems, our dental team will send you in for a cleaning session. If the dentist observes infection, bleeding, cavities, or gum pockets, they will suggest a suitable treatment for you.

For instance, deeper gum pockets may indicate the presence of periodontal disease, and the patient may need treatment. The dentist will also examine you for signs of malocclusion (bite problems), jaw pain (TMJ/TMD), and abnormalities in the neck, cheeks, and lips.

We offer complete oral exams near you in the Chestnut Hill area.

How Dental X-Rays Help with Diagnosis

The dentist may recommend x-rays for a more accurate diagnosis. The patient may be asked to bite down on a specially designed plastic material, and the x-ray will help reveal any problems with bite, fractures, chips, or cavities.

The dentist may gently feel under the neck as you bite down to check for any clicking or popping sounds in the jaw. Please call Hammond Pond Dental Group today for complete oral exams in Chestnut Hill, MA.

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