Bone Grafting in Chestnut Hill, MA

Your jawbone stays healthy, in part, by having healthy teeth roots embedded in it. These keep the bone strong by regularly stimulating new, and healthy, bone growth. When your teeth decay and fall out, the underlying bone can eventually follow suit. This can lead to a sunken, aged facial appearance and further tooth loss. To prevent this domino effect from ruining your smile and keeping you from enjoying conversations and meals, don’t leave gaps untreated! Dental implants are the best way to replace the original beauty and function of teeth you’ve lost. Should you still suffer jawbone deterioration, there’s hope for your smile and all the functions that depend upon it. Through an innovative procedure called bone grafting, the team here at Hammond Pond Dental Group can restore the mass and health of your jawbone. Bone grafting actually enables you to restore the bone you’ve lost. Our team places bone graft material from a donor or artificial source into the area of your jawbone that’s deteriorated. Over the course of a few months, the bone graft grows together with the existing bone, reconstituting your jawbone. After receiving bone grafting in Chestnut Hill, MA, you’ll take on a more youthful appearance as you become a candidate for life-changing dental implants!

Why Bone Grafting?

  • Regain a full, healthy jaw
  • Enjoy a more youthful look
  • Reverse your sunken facial appearance
  • Qualify for dental implants
  • Avoid further tooth loss

Bone Grafting And Comprehensive Dental Implant Care

As a multi-specialty practice, we can provide complete dental services under one roof in Chestnut Hill, MA. This includes comprehensive dental implant care—bone grafting, tooth extractions, and more. We provide not only a more convenient dental experience, but the greater peace of mind of having a team of experts at your service. When your upper jawbone deteriorates you can experience all the same problems of lower jawbone loss—plus an additional one. Your sinus can collapse, requiring extra treatment to get your jaw back to full volume and strength. Through a procedure called a sinus lift, our team can put your sinus back into place. During this treatment, we carefully lift the floor of your sinus cavity and place bone graft material underneath. This will eventually become a strong foundation for your sinus. Bone grafting treatment may also include ridge augmentation, where we reshape the bone to its natural appearance, structure, and esthetics after a tooth extraction. We may also provide guided tissue regeneration, which uses a biocompatible mesh to stimulate the growth of new tissue and accelerate healing after bone grafting. With our advanced techniques and technology, nothing has to keep you from the benefits of dental implants.

Don’t Let Poor Bone Health Prevent You From Regaining Your Quality Of Life.

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