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Some lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking red wine, and not being diligent about tooth brushing can cause your teeth to look dingy. Although you can brush your teeth to clean them, some stains are tougher to get rid of, and you may need professional help. Our dentists at Hammond Pond Dental Group in Chestnut Hill, MA, have both in-office and home tooth whitening options for you.

Professional Home Teeth Whitening

Not everyone has the time or patience to get their teeth whitened in their dentist’s office. Although it only takes about an hour to make your teeth brighter and whiter, between their jobs and family responsibilities, some people don’t have enough time during the day to get their teeth examined and whitened.

Fortunately, you can whiten your teeth at home using a professional whitening kit from Zoom! We use the Zoom! in-office treatment on our patient’s teeth, and they also make take-home kits that you can use to whiten your teeth when you have time.

How to Use the Take-Home Kit

The home tooth whitening kit is easy to use when it’s convenient for your schedule. One of our staff members at Hammond Pond Dental Group in Chestnut Hill, MA, can give you advice on using the home kit if you have questions when you open it.

The kit comes with syringes that have the whitening gel in them and trays that it goes into. After filling a tray with the gel, you place the tray on your teeth and gently bite down on it to keep it in place. Zoom! makes a kit that you can place on your teeth overnight or one that you can use during the day.

The night kit goes over your teeth overnight or four to six hours, depending on the strength of the gel. The daytime kit, which uses a stronger version of the active ingredient, needs to stay in place for about 15 to 30 minutes. The daytime kit is done twice a day, with the best results taking about two weeks to emerge. The night kit gives you great results in approximately a week.

Our dentists at Hammond Pond Dental Group in Chestnut Hill, MA, will examine your teeth to ensure they are healthy and then recommend one of the home tooth whitening kits for your needs.

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