This patient was concerned about the chipping of her two upper and two lower front teeth. She did not want to go through the process of correcting her crowding, so the simple restoration of these teeth with porcelain veneers made for a much improved stronger, healthier and prettier result.

Crowns & Veneers

This patient had a combination of erosion, stained and defective bonded restorations, as well as large failing silver fillings. She was treated with a combination of crowns and veneers for a strong and beautiful result.

Invisalign & Crowns

This patient never liked the appearance of her smile. With a combination of Invisalign treatment to correct her bite, as well as four porcelain crowns on her upper front teeth to improve the aesthetics of her smile, she was thrilled with this beautiful and healthy result.

This patient had Invisalign treatment first, and due tooth wear from grinding, she didn’t like the appearance of her front teeth. Porcelain crowns on her four upper front teeth made for a beautiful result, with a combination of aesthetics and strength.

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