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Good dental care begins at home and can reduce the likelihood of complications to a large extent. Proper hygiene is the key to preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities.

Unfortunately, due to our busy lives, people often hurry through their dental routines to rush to work, school, or get to bed quickly. Regular at-home dental care can help keep your gums and teeth healthy for a long time. Our team at Hammond Pond Dental Group explains the best practices for home dental care.

Top Brushing Tips

Although most of us brush our teeth every day, most of us don’t do it the right way.

  • Brush twice a day
  • Brush near the gum line while holding your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles as this helps provide a massaging movement; hard bristles tend to erode tooth enamel
  • Brush your teeth on the sides, rear and chewing surfaces

Our dentist in Chestnut Hill, MA, suggests brushing for at least two minutes to clean your teeth thoroughly.

How to Floss Properly

Flossing is an essential addition to keep the areas between teeth free of food particles that may cause plaque. Wrap about 18-20 inches of floss around your fingers and gently work the floss around each tooth’s sides.

Keep releasing unused floss with one finger while using the other finger to release used floss.

Our friendly dentist at Hammond Pond Dental Group is happy to provide useful home dental care education in Chestnut Hill.

Clean Your Tongue

Use a small dab of toothpaste on your tongue and brush as far back as possible without triggering the gag reflex. Alternately, you can use a tongue scraper or floss to clean the surface.
Regular tongue cleaning helps clean away food particles and bacteria from the tongue and keeps bad breath away.

Consume a healthy diet, and refrain from excessive consumption of sugary, starchy foods that could cause cavities. If you have questions regarding home dental care education, please call our dentist near you.

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