Smile Makeovers in Chestnut Hill, MA

Our smiles are a part of who we are. That’s why a crooked or stained smile can affect our confidence. Smile makeovers are a major part of dentistry. Dentistry is no longer just about fixing damaged teeth or replacing ones that fell off; it’s about creating the perfect smiles.

A smile is a very personal thing. You tell us what you want, and we do our best to achieve it here at Hammond Pond Dental Group in Chestnut Hill, MA. We’re willing to go through as many trials as you need. The end goal is for our treatment to get you as close as possible to what you’re looking for.

What We Work On

At Hammond Pond Dental Group, a smile makeover includes repairing broken teeth and replacing missing teeth. d.

Teeth adjust themselves based on how much space they have. When they’re given more space because a tooth was lost, there will be gaps between them. Stained teeth also need to be whitened or covered up during a smile makeover.

How We Make it Happen

Our dentists have experience in various dental procedures that are used in smile makeovers. For instance, our dentists frequently place dental implants, which are used to replace missing teeth.

We’ll first attach a screw to your jawbone. Then on a second visit, we’ll attach the artificial tooth to that screw. Implants can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Dental bonding applied with resin can be used to fill up small defects in teeth. The color of the resin is altered to match that of the rest of your teeth so that it doesn’t stand out. Crowns can also be attached to teeth, both for cosmetic purposes and for strengthening.

To complete your smile makeover, we offer teeth whitening as well. In-office whitening treatments are stronger and more effective than at-home whitening kits.

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