Dental Crowns in Chestnut Hill, MA

Dental crowns are used as a reliable restorative tool in modern dentistry. There are several different types of dental crowns available, and our team at Hammond Pond Dental Group can help you choose the right one.

Many of our patients prefer all-porcelain dental crowns for their metal-free composition and natural look, while zirconia crowns offer a combination of aesthetics and durability.

What Are Full-Porcelain Crowns?

All-porcelain or full-porcelain crowns are ideal for restorations of upper and lower front teeth due to their translucent appearance. Careful fabrication and placement of porcelain crowns require expertise and should only be done by a trained dentist.

All-porcelain dental crowns offer several advantages:

  • They appear just like natural teeth and blend in with your dental arch.
  • As the composition is metal-free, they are biocompatible and do not cause allergic reactions in the oral cavity.
  • The dentist can correct and align them for a snug fit.
  • They are particularly suitable for front teeth or teeth that are visible.

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The Types of All-Porcelain Crowns at Hammond Pond Dental Group

Our dentist in Chestnut Hill, MA, offers several types of full-porcelain dental crowns for you to choose from:

  • Porcera®️ Allceram Crowns have porcelain on the outside and milled ceramic on the inside. Our dental team recommends these for their exceptional strength and resistance to chipping. They can also be cemented into place using standard dental cement.
  • Lava crowns have zirconia on the inside and are baked to give them an aesthetic, translucent look.
  • Feldspathic crowns are the most popular and often used for their visual appeal.

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