Inlays and Onlays in Chestnut Hill, MA

You may have never heard of dental inlays and onlays from a dentist near you before, but once you learn how they can be an easy and painless procedure during a mini smile makeover from our dentist in Chestnut Hill, MA, we’re confident you’ll appreciate their beauty and value more than ever.

Such a Beautiful Option

Now considered one of the most aesthetically attractive types of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, inlays, and onlays near you from Hammond Pond Dental Group have become the procedure of choice for anyone who wants to keep the appearance of their dental work to themselves. Why is that? Because an inlay or onlay is a more conservative approach to a traditional metal filling and has a more natural appearance than its metal counterpart.

A Less Invasive Treatment

Unlike a dental crown procedure which typically involves the removal of a portion of a patient’s healthy tooth to complete the treatment, inlays and onlays are considered by most dental professionals – and patients alike – as a more conservative approach in dental restoration. Even though the procedure will require two appointments in most cases (in some instances, the restoration may only need one appointment), the result allows patients to continue to enjoy their favorite foods without restriction.

Preventive Dentistry as a First Step

The dental care team at Hammond Pond Dental Group is committed to helping our patients preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible. For that reason, we recommend preventive dentistry such as regular dental exams and professional teeth cleaning as a first course of action to achieve success. But when the restoration is needed, you have our assurance that we will discuss every option with you before treatment. In some cases, a dental crown may be the best option for your needs, but you will always be advised about other options such as dental inlays and onlays from our dentist as well.

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