Preventive Dentistry in Chestnut Hill, MA

Treatments like fillings and crowns are fairly common in dentistry. You can find these procedures offered at our dentistry near you in Chestnut Hill, along with a range of other restorative treatments whenever your teeth or gums have become affected by an issue that threatens their health. You can count on us at Hammond Pond Dental Group to restore health to the area. However, it’s always preferable to avoid any problems in the first place. That’s why preventive dentistry is so important.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Simply put, preventive dentistry is the practice of maintaining certain habits to keep your teeth and gums healthy. There are also treatments available in preventive dentistry in Chestnut Hill that can give you a boost in your oral health. At Hammond Pond Dental Group, we believe, as the saying goes, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, while we pride ourselves in the quality of our treatments to restore your mouth to health, we believe it’s much better not to need those treatments in the first place and maintain good oral health.

Who Can Benefit from Preventive Dentistry?

All patients can benefit from practices in preventive dentistry. Children more commonly utilize treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatments, but patients of all ages are recommended to have routine dental cleanings along with dental exams twice a year.

Practices in Preventive Dentistry

  • Routine check-ups: It’s recommended that you and your family visit Hammond Pond Dental Group approximately every six months for a routine exam and cleaning. The cleaning prevents a buildup of harmful bacteria on the teeth and gums, and the exam is useful for detecting signs of developing issues, if any.
  • Good oral care routine: Brush twice a day and floss daily. By establishing these habits in your child’s daily routine, you can do a lot to prevent dental cavities.
  • Maintain a balanced diet: Getting all the vitamins and minerals you need not only builds a strong body but strengthens the bones and teeth. Avoiding sugar also helps to benefit the health of the teeth.
  • Preventive treatments: For an added level of protection, you may consider getting a fluoride treatment or dental sealants for your children. Your dentist can recommend the best practices for you.
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