Simple Extractions in Chestnut Hill, MA

At times, decayed, damaged, and infected teeth cannot be treated with fillings, root canal, or endodontic procedures. The dentist at Hammond Pond Dental Group may recommend a simple extraction to solve the problem.

Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions

There may be other reasons to perform simple tooth extractions, including removal of impacted wisdom teeth or extraction of baby teeth that fail to fall out on time. Tooth extractions can involve a simple or surgical procedure, depending on the case. Simple tooth extractions are the preferred option for easily accessible teeth.

If the affected tooth is below the gum line, cracked, or impacted, it will need a surgical extraction.

A general dentist can perform simple extractions while an oral surgeon will usually perform surgical extractions. Our dentist in Chestnut Hill may use a local or oral anesthetic to numb the area before extraction. Once the sedation has been administered, the dentist will use instruments like an elevator to extract the tooth.

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How to Prepare for a Simple Tooth Extraction in Chestnut Hill

The dentist may recommend digital imaging to determine the complexity and location of the problem before starting the procedure. For wisdom tooth extraction, the dentist may need a 360-degree or panoramic x-ray for a precise view of all the adjacent teeth.

If there is any infection, the dentist may prescribe antibiotics for a few days before extraction. Our experienced dental team at Hammond Pond Dental Group will record your medical history. Please inform the dentist of any allergies or surgeries/medical procedures you may have undergone in the past.

Aftercare Tips

Some soreness or discomfort is normal after the procedure, which will disappear in a couple of days. Avoid spitting, rinsing your mouth, or drinking with a straw as this may cause a painful condition known as ‘dry socket’.

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