Gum Recession Treatment in Chestnut Hill, MA

It may not be something that many people think about, but gum recession treatment plays an important role in maintaining the health and beauty of a well-balanced smile. The good news about gum recession is that it can be detected early through regularly scheduled preventive dentistry appointments, and when caught early, it can be treated with minimally-invasive protocols such as more frequent cleanings or dentist-recommended rinses.

Signs that You May Need Gum Recession Treatment Near You

Two of the most common symptoms that patients will notice themselves that signal the potential need for gum recession treatment are bleeding gums when they brush and floss and tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages. While these could also be signs of other oral health conditions such as a cracked tooth, they are signals from your body that it’s time to visit our dentists near you for an examination and treatment plan to either reverse the conditions or prevent them from worsening.

Ignoring these signs of possible gum recession is never recommended since untreated gum recession can lead to more complicated dental concerns such as infection and tooth loss. Our multi-specialty staff of board-certified experts includes two periodontists who have the advanced training and credentials to treat gum recession and other periodontal concerns through gentle, precision dentistry and the use of advanced laser technology.

How You Can Benefit from This Expertise

Whether you’re in our office for a routine dental exam, professional cleaning, or any of the other general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services we provide, if the early signs of gum recession are detected, you’ll benefit from our office having two periodontists on hand to immediately step in and evaluate your condition. Early treatment for gum disease is always the preferred treatment, and you can’t get a quicker response time than having two periodontists on staff regardless of the procedure you’re receiving.

If you agree that it’s time to evaluate the health of your gums so you can receive proactive gum recession treatment near you before the condition worsens, we invite you to make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool.

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