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Sparkling Teeth in About an Hour

Teeth Whitening Revitalizes Your Smile

Darkened, yellowed, and stained teeth will certainly get your smile noticed, but not for the right reasons. There are a variety of causes of these blemishes and also a number of ways to eliminate them. While do-it-yourself, home-based teeth whitening treatments such as gels, toothpastes, and trays can make a small difference, they can’t deliver the same stunning results that we can offer you here through professional teeth whitening in Chestnut Hill, MA. Imagine having shiny white teeth in one consistent, stunning shade that you’ll want others to notice! Exceptionally skilled and experienced in cosmetic dentistry, our multispecialty team has brightened up countless smiles in the Chestnut Hill, MA area with a revolutionary tooth bleaching treatment called Philips Zoom! We’re ready to do the same for you with this effective, professional treatment, available exclusively in-office at high-end practices like Hammond Pond Dental Group. Don’t waste time on store-bought treatments any longer when we offer a clearly superior option.

What Makes Your Teeth Discolored


​Tobacco use (including cigarettes, cigars, and all smokeless varieties)


Coffee, tea, carbonated soft drinks, and red wine


Poor dental hygiene


Highly fluoridated water

dental patient undergoing zoom teeth whitening

Why Zoom? It’s Fast and Effective.

We understand that you may really enjoy your morning coffee or some wine with dinner, and we don’t wish to deprive you of those pleasures. What we do want is to make you understand that by following good habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth daily as directed and limiting your intake of certain products, you can prevent teeth discoloration. Doing this will also make you healthier overall. For the whitest teeth, come to us for Zoom professional teeth whitening treatment. This proven teeth-bleaching process uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and a special light instrument to whiten your teeth to a single, consistent, and eye-catching shade of white in as few as 60 minutes. Unlike some teeth whitening options, Zoom brightens all of your teeth at the same time, gives you immediate, amazing results, and actually decreases the sensitivity of your teeth. Experience all of these advantages for yourself.

Don’t wait for whiter teeth! Get them quicker here.

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