Convenient new way to access your payments through Abella!

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We are proud to introduce a new way to pay your balances at Hammond Pond Dental Group right from your phone! 

Abella is our new and convenient mobile payment portal! It is a new and easy-to-use way to see your balances and pay your statements right from your cell phone! You can even have the option to set up monthly payment plans, up to 12-months depending on the statement!

Here’s how it works:

Click to view your balance

             You’ll receive an email or text from your doctor to view/pay your statement

Pay options are simple and flexible

             You can pay-in-full or choose a monthly payment plan that works for you!

Smile knowing you’re in control

             Enjoy the privacy and convenience of paying your dental or medical bill on your terms, from any device!


Your healthy and happy smile is our top priority and we are excited to work with you to defend and beautify your natural healthy smile! Dental care should not create more stress in your active and exciting life. Let us help you maximize your oral health care by scheduling an appointment today at our convenient and comfortable office!

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